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Biking is good for the body and  the most efficient form of transportation we have ever created: converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon!!  So enjoy that bike!

Great bicycling resources:


  • The Portland area Bike Commuter Meetup   “This group seeks to encourage bicyclists and potential bicyclists specifically around commuting and transportational cycling. While there are many concerns that are common to all bicyclists, transportational cyclists will be more concerned with certain aspects of the activity than are other cyclists, such as riding in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions, and carrying stuff around. A large part of our mission is to share solutions that we have found to these challenges, and support beginners who want to learn them, in a fun and supportive environment!”


  • For a weekly ride that fits your needs, check out the Bike Coalition of Maine’s comprehensive list of Maine weekly rides.






  • Portland Trails – This website has a great trails map with extensive trails information for Portland and adjoining towns.



  • GO MAINE - Log on and register as a biking commuter to be eligible for all of GO MAINE’s commuter benefits, including their Emergency Ride Home Guarantee and regular prize drawings.



  • Explore Maine – Check out the website for state wide bike routes and other cycling information, too!



  • Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge - 40% of U.S. urban travel is two miles or less; Ride your bike to fight global warming. Check out this fun site to see a birds-eye view of your two-mile radius – enter your address at the top of the page in the “My 2 Miles” box – and be inspired!