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Portland Green Streets » Ways To Get Around Green

Ways To Get Around Green

New to getting around green?

Or a long-term alternate transit user but always interested in new possibilities?

Greater Portland has some great options for getting around without a single occupancy vehicle:



Public Transit (Bus, Train, Ferry)



U Car Share (hourly car rental service)

Rental Cars (for longer-term carshare needs)

And any combination thereof, for example:

  • take the bus to work, then walk home for some late afternoon outside time and exercise
  • bike to work, then throw the bike on the bus (or train) and leave the driving to someone else
  • walk to the grocery store and take the bus or a cab home
  • dance one or both ways – that’s a possibility, too!

Talk to others you know who walk, bike, carpool and/or bus and find out how it works for them. And check out the links above for more information on various methods! And if you ever feel like you just can’t figure out a green commuting plan that works for you, then e-mail us – we love to give free green commuting consultations; the more brains for creative thinking, the better!