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Portland Green Streets » Get Involved in the Fun!

Get Involved in the Fun!

Portland Green Streets

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These are FIVE great ways you can help with the Green Streets initiative in Greater Portland:


1. First, and most importantly, join us on the last Friday of the month. 

  • Sign up to have a Green Streets Membership card mailed to you. 
  • On the last Friday of every month, put on your Green Streets gear or wear something green.  Then get around by foot, a set of non-internal-combustion-motorized wheels, carpool, bus, ferry, or train.  Sign in to find out how many carbon emissions & dollars you’ve saved.
  • If the last day of the month doesn’t work for your green travel, COMMIT YOURSELF TO ONE DAY OF GREEN COMMUTING A MONTH.  Let that inspire your transportation habits the rest of the month. 
  • Visit our business partners throughout the year for discounts and special offers
  • Lastly, spread the word.  Tell other people why you’re wearing green & traveling green!

2. Become a Green Streets Day coordinator at your workplace, school, club, place of worship, etc.  This is simple, fun, and inspires celebration and strengthens community.  Get a group of friends, co-workers or community members to wear green and commute with alternative transportation on Green Streets Day, the last Friday of every month.

  • Download & post this promotional flyer  for Portland Green Streets in strategic places.  Make an announcement at a staff meeting, event, or gathering.  Send out a group e-mail  - whatever works for your site!
  • Encourage your group to sign-up for our once-a-month e-mail reminder and/or pass around a Sign Up Sheet for Portland Green Streets that you can then send on to us.
  • Word of mouth is the best press.  Participate yourself and tell others what you are up to!


3.  Ask your two favorite businesses or organizations to join the Green Streets celebration by offering an incentive to Green Streets participants on the last Friday of the month.

This is simple & fun, too — it usually involves about a five minute conversation with your local friendly business owner  and they are generally excited about the idea and getting the chance to participate. 

Download the  Green Streets Business Sponsors Packet  and have some fun reaching out to your favorite places.

  • Businesses offer a discount or freebies to Greebn Strrets participants (e.g. 15% off all merchandise, a free coffee, etc)  Check out what other businesses are offering for examples.
  • We need business sponsors from all over Greater Portlandso that everyone who participates has some fun ways to celebrate in their area.
  • You or the business can contact us about the incentive they’d like to offer.

Each bus greeted by eTeam members to tally participants and give hand stamps
Each bus greeted by eTeam members to tally participants and give hand stamps

4.  Spread the word to all of your different communities (work, school, clubs, committees, places of worship, etc.)  Give others the opportunity to participate in this once-a-month region-wide party!

  • Spread the word via email to your work or community group.  Feel free to use this 5 sentence description about Green Streets.
  • Make an announcement in a newsletter or other written press.  Again, feel free to use this 5 sentence description about Green Streets
  • Talk it up in everyday conversation (Let us know if you would like some Green Streets publicity cards to hand out)!

 Know that for some it will mean their first time discovering the benefits of travel by foot, bike, bus, or carpool.

 For others it will mean introducing a fun sense of community to their daily alternate transit commute.

Green Streeters at the first Drop-In Volunteer Social in July
Green Streeters at the first Drop-In Volunteer Social in July 2009

5.  Volunteer with us.  Or consider an internship with Portland Green Streets!

  • Find out about volunteer opportunities by stopping by one of our Drop-In Volunteer Socials at Hilltop Coffee Shop on the third Tuesday of the month.  Or just send us an e-mail – we’ll be sure to find something that fits your interests!

  • Consider interning with Portland Green Streets and contact us if you’re interested
  • Imagine an ever-increasing wave of green-wearing alternate transit users, moving across Greater Portland on the last Friday of the month – and throughout the month, too!