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Portland Green Streets » About


Welcome to the Green Streets initiative for Portland, Maine! The aim of this site is to share information, resources, and get folks psyched to get around green.

What Is Portland Green Streets?

Portland Green Streets is non-profit and grassroots effort to encourage the use of alternative transportation in Greater Portland.  With the environment, public health, local economy, public safety, and community-strengthening in mind, we encourage sustainable transportation habits with two programs:


Portland Green Streets Day is a monthly, city-wide day of getting around green.  It takes place the last Friday of every month.  On this day, we encourage folks to celebrate the commitment they’ve made that day to alternative transportation by wearing green, organizing participation in Green Streets Day with co-workers & community members, or talking it up!  Its one day out of the month to truly celebrate your choice to use alternative transportation — and great way to encourage others to join you!


Portland Green Streets partners with local businesses to provide every day incentives to get around green.  Participants receive a membership card that can be used to redeem incentives offered at participating local businesses.  Incentives range from a free coffee to discounts on goods and services.  Visit our “Incentives Program” page for more information.

So, who qualifies as a Green Streeter?

It’s simple. A Green Streeter is someone who makes a once-a-month commitment to travelling green — and then uses that commitment to inspire their transportation habits the rest of the month.

You can walk, use your wheelchair, bike, carpool, take the bus, the ferry, the train, skateboard.  There are so many ways to get around green.

Your once-a-month commitment can happen on Green Streets Day, the last Friday of the month, or on a day that is most convenient to you.  Green Streets Day serves as both a monthly reminder and a supportive social network to help you make your commitment.

Green Streets is for everyone: retired folks, employed folks, kids in school, kids on vacation, stay-at-home parents, people who have the day off on Fridays, people on vacation, teens hanging out – EVERYONE.

Please sign in each month that you participate! (Before, on, or just after Green Streets Day) – it takes 1 minute. Signing in provides us with great collective green commuting data.